Preventative Care

Includes cleanings, exams, radiographs & sealants. Exams include, but are not limited to: oral, head & neck cancer screening, examination of jaw joint and surrounding muscles, cavity detection, periodontal (gum disease) evaluation consisting of assessing the health of gums and bone which support the teeth. Digital Radiographs (x-rays) are a necessary tool to diagnose cavities, periodontal disease, cysts, and tumors. The digital radiographs at Darling Dental expose individuals to 75% less radiation than standard film radiographs. Kids health & development is important to us so we use BPA-free sealants.



Removal of cavities and placement of the appropriate restorative material. We use tooth-colored bonded fillings (resin) and porcelain inlays/onlays.



Scaling and root planing is a “deep cleaning” of gum/tooth structure to treat periodontal disease without surgery. The goal of this procedure is the removal of bacteria and endo-toxin by-products (poisons) from root structure underneath the gums.


Fixed Prosthodontics

Implant restorations, crowns, bridges & veneers.


Removable Prosthodontics

Full dentures and partial dentures



We focus on 2-phase therapy to achieve the best TMJ health and minimize the need to extract healthy adult teeth. Phase 1 is usually implemented in ages 6-10 when a growth pattern deficiency is noticed. It utilizes fixed and/or removable oral appliances to correct skeletal misalignment and make enough space to accommodate all the adult teeth. Phase 2 is the correction of alignment of teeth to improve bite, aesthetics and stabilize TMJ health.



TMJ is the joint, TMD is dysfunction of the joint. We use advanced diagnostic techniques and treatment to improve and stabilize TMJ health (JVA/t-scan links-bioresearch)  and The goal in phase 1 is the stabilization of the jaw joint(s) using oral appliances (orthotics) to minimize pain and improve other symptoms (locking of jaw). A series of orthotics are used to properly align the jaw joints which balances the jaw muscles. Phase 2 is to restore the healthy bite using orthodontics or fixed prosthodontics or a combination of those.



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