Doctor of Dental Surgery

Things you might not know about me:

  • My wife and I are high school sweethearts
  • I enjoy coaching my daughter Cassidy's Lacrosse Team
  • I blow glass as a hobby
  • I really really like skiing, a lot
  • I like traveling with my family
  • The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies
  • "I am the Slime" by Frank Zappa is my favorite song
  • We have not had TV for over 17 years
  • I can lindy hop
  • I want pigmy goats
  • I want to live on a farm
  • I like to do home improvement projects

My name is Nathan Darling and I am the DDS at Darling Dental. I am proud to be a graduate of the Marquette University School of Dentistry and a third generation Milwaukee dentist. I am passionate about working with my patients to find the correct solution to suit their dental needs.

  • Graduated 2001 Magna Cum Laude MUSOD
  • Chief resident advanced training general dentistry program at MUSOD

Hygienist & Office Manager

Things you might not know about me:

  • I spent a month in East Africa after dental hygiene school and I would love to go back to see other parts of the continent.
  • I was stung by a stingray in FL and it was extremely painful.
  • I've gone skydiving once and although I am happy to cross it off my bucket list, I do not need to ever do it again.

I met Nate (Dr. Darling) before he started his own practice and have been working with him at Darling Dental since they first opened in 2003. I started out as his dental assistant and eventually became the office manager. I realized I wanted to expand my skills so I went to school to earn a degree in dental hygiene. My job now is split between office manager and dental hygienist. I feel fortunate to be able to utilize all of my skills and to have found such an amazing office to work in. When I'm not working I love to travel and hang out with family and friends.

Hygienist & Recall Co-ordinator

Things you might not know about me:

  • I studied archaeology
  • I lived in Chicago
  • I love the mountains

I am a graduate of Marquette University's Program in Dental Hygiene. I was a clinical instructor and online educational instructor at Marquette from 1997 until the Dental Hygiene Department closed.

I reside in the Lake Country area with my husband Joe and our children Sophie and Eli. While my family remains my main focus in life, I do strive to continue my education of dental related trends and facts by taking courses regularly.

Dental Assistant

Things you might not know about me:

  • I love music, especially Blues and Jazz and I love watching live shows
  • I love to work out but especially love running
  • I make (most of) my own jewelry

I graduated from MATC Milwaukee in 2008 with a certified dental assisting degree. I have been working with Nate Darling since 2009 and enjoy working with him and the rest of the staff. I am a life long resident of Milwaukee and have interests in running, music, and spending time with friends and family.


Things you might not know about me:

  • I grew up on a farm in Iowa
  • Due to a “dare” I played football in junior high and was the only girl on the team!
  • My all time favorite band is Def Leppard

My name is Kim and I am one of the three dental hygienists at Darling Dental. I attended college in Iowa and have been practicing dental hygiene in Wisconsin since 2001. I am committed to creating a positive dental experience while providing the best care possible. It is also important to me that I provide patients all the information necessary to create a happy and healthy smile.

I began working for Nate in 2006 and really enjoy working in the relaxed, patient focused environment he provides. Outside of work I have enjoyed working with local schools and the Boys and Girls Club to help provide dental education. Last, but certainly not least, I enjoy spending time with my husband Jon and being a soccer mom to our four children, Cory, Courtney, Madeline and Nina.

Auxillary Office Staff

Things you might not know about me:

  • I love to home can the veggies from our garden
  • I am the IT person at home and at Darling Dental
  • I love road trips

I am the auxiliary staff here at Darling Dental. This means I can fill in when someone needs a day off. We have a fantastic group of people who can all do multiple jobs. I was a CPA before we had kids, so I do the bookkeeping as well.


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